The Junior Rose Parade Returns To Portland 2022.  Junk-N-Joe Employees Are Back At The Parade Giving Back To The Community. Come See Us We Will Be Giving Out T-shirts And Other Items As We Pick Up The Bags Of Trash From The Parade.

Rose Festival Junior Parade returns to Northeast Portland

We Follow Behind The Paraders And Pick Up All Of The Trash And Dispose Of It appropriately. Joe Doud And His Crews Look Forward To Donating Their Time And Resources To Help Out The City Of Portland. This is his twentieth year serving the Rose Festival.

Joe Doud enjoys serving the community and picking up the garbage and junk after the parades in Portland. Today we are behind the Junior Rose Parade and our crews pick up the trash bags along the way. Cleaning up the city one truckload at a time Joe and his crews have been doing the parades for decades. Into his late 60s, Joe still gets excited about the Portland City Fair and makes sure he is involved in the cleanup and recycling process.

You can see Joe below photographed in front of one of his trucks. If you need help with junk removal or demolition work give us a call or book your appointment online. Jr. Rose Parade Returns To Portland 2022 - Image Of Joe Doud At Parade

Before the Parade.

Photo of employees that donated their time tonight to help the city.

Pictures coming…..

Whenever possible, we strive to give back to the community. We will find a home for your junk if it can be reused or recycled. Our services are easy to use and involve no hassle. With Junk-N-Joe, recycling and disposal are a breeze. There are no hidden fees.